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'Willingness, engagement, enthusiasm, curiosity and wonder. That’s what I strive to develop in learners.'

 Welcome to Naturally Learning.

 Naturally Learning has developed with the support and encouragement of my local community. Thank you to all who have visited the Busy Room and contributed to the development of what I believe is the future of education. My philosophy takes us almost full circle to pre industrial times, where children learned through tradition, by being, and doing, at home and amongst the wider community. The big difference is that today we have access to empowering technology. We can now access information and tutorials at our fingertips. Add some engagement with nature, sensory integration and the guidance of a mentor, parent or tutor and learning happens exponentially. You can't stop the learning.


 So that's what Naturally Learning is about. 

'It takes a village to raise a child'

 Home educators, with a little community support, will feel confident that they can track and report on their children's learning. The assessment strategies provide the home educator or tutor with focused teaching points, that when held in mind become naturally integrated teaching and learning opportunities throughout the week. Just try and stop seeing decimals in the environment once you are tuned into them.  Learner centred education doesn't get any better than this.

 Naturally Learning is based in Cockatoo, Victoria. The hills are a wonderful place to engage with nature. Naturally Learning is nestled amongst giant Mountain Ash gum trees and gardens with the sound of Puffing Billy in the distance. Wild life including birds, frogs, wallabies and particularly birds are abundant.

Naturally Learning includes;​


  • the busy room

  • swings

  • a frog bog

  • forest track

  • a creek

  • trampoline

  • a horizontal bar

  • a practise beam

  • outdoor work spaces

  • relaxing views

  • a climbing frame

  • a slide 

  • sensory gardens

  • & more

Naturally Learning


Sensational Nature Play