There is no right way. Lists, schedules and routines that reflect individual needs.


Parents, teachers and children educated at home feel empowered knowing that their timetables and schedules reflect learners interests, needs and natural routines. Better still, the schedules and timetables are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the individual, family or school environment.


 Preferred activities and non preferred activities can be planned in a way that motivates the learner and releases the pressure for the home educator. Schedules may be flexible. I tend to change up the schedule each term and take a break during school holidays. It's up to you to use schedules and timetables to meet you and your families needs.


 Schedules and timetables may reflect individual educations plans that allow educators and learners to recognise the richness of home and community experiences. Individual Education Plans demonstrate how these everyday experiences can be used to address a wide range of curriculum outcomes. 


 By adding an Individual Curriculum Achievement Map (ICAM), with the support of your personal home education consultant, future learning plans can be tailored to include specific curriculum outcomes relating to the Key Learning Areas within the student's zone of proximal development. An ICAM reflects the true scope of a student's abilities and will span as many levels as required.


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