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Naturally Learning Offers

Nature Engagement & Sensory Integration, Making Learning Fun
Nature Play
Providing the environmental framework for meaningful play in natural settings.
Online sessions include multi-sensory approaches, explicit teaching, practise and feedback.
Home Education Support
Empowering parents as educators. Supporting self directed learning and home education.
Therapy Assistance
Private Nature Play and Tutoring sessions delivered in collaboration with allied professionals.
Resources for Educators
Find resources and activity ideas for a range of interests.
Garden and Gallery Visits
An opportunity for homeschoolers to connect through gallery & garden engagement in the Yarra Ranges.
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Learner Centred Education

Multi-sensory approaches, movement, explicit teaching & nature engagement to enhance learning opportunities. 


  • Nature engagement

  • Sensory integration


  • Advanced social skills

  • Enhanced learning opportunities

  • Key Learning Area curriculum links


  • Introduction to permaculture

  • Learner Centred 

  • Explicit Teaching

 Home Education Support

  • Learning Plans developed.

  • Curriculum Support;





& more​​​​​.

  • DIY Learning Activities

  • Strategies to support Executive Function

By linking natural learning routines to curriculum outcomes, we collaboratively develop learning plans that reflect self directed education. Student progress may also be mapped against Key Leaning Areas to promote focused goal setting.

Empowering Home Educators and Learners in a supportive, professional environment.


  • Explicit Teaching

  • Multi-Sensory Approaches

  • High Impact Teaching Strategies

  • Student Goal Setting

  • Strategies for Students with Additional Needs

  • Spacious Natural Environment

Experienced educator with a range of  strategies to support students with dyslexia, dyscalculia & dysgraphia and autism.

  • structured program for developing phonological awareness

  • friendly diagnostic assessment 

  • student goal setting

  • numeracy toolkit; gaining fluency with the basics skills for math.

  • strategies to support executive function

Each lesson includes; multi-sensory approaches, revision, practise, reflection and feedback.

Student centred learning at it's best.

Nature Play - Home Education

Naturally learning provides the environmental framework for meaningful play in natural settings. Fostering healthy development of the mind and the senses.​

Benefits include:

  •  Real world activities

  •  Meaningful play

  •  Sensory integration

  •  Advanced social skills

  •  Enhanced learning opportunities

 Sessions for All Ages. 

Nature provides the ultimate sensory  experience.

  Garden and Gallery Visits

 An opportunity for homeschoolers to   connect through gallery & garden   engagement in the Yarra Ranges.

 Join us to experience:​

  •   Social interaction

  •   Nature ​​engagement

  •   Arts appreciation


Contact Naturally Learning

Nature Engagement, Sensory Integration, Making Learning Fun


E: sarahleearrowsmith@gmail.com

M: 0420237199

FB: Naturally Learning

W: www.naturallylearning.net

A: 43 Mountain Rd, Cocktoo,

   Vic, 3781, Australia.

I acknowledge that Naturally Learning operates on the unceeded land of the Wurundjeri People. I pay respects to their Elders past, present and emerging and I honour their knowledge in caring for Country and in education.