COVID 19 Curriculum 2020 for Schools


 The Covid 19 Distance Learning Curriculum reflects creative and democratic principles in education.  The curriculum is designed to support self directed learning  with the guidance of educators (teachers & parents).  It will be easily adapted to meet individual student needs, school needs and parent needs.

It focuses on meaningful activities while addressing individual needs and opportunities for focussed teaching and assessment. I believe that this curriculum could be adopted by any school. The units of inquiry allow for all Key Learning Areas to be covered. As a home educator I know that all KLAs are more than addressed through everyday activities.  This curriculum is aligned to ACARA.  The Units of Inquiry provide scaffolding for the transition to self directed and play based learning that will occur in homes over the coming months.

These units of inquiry address the current stay home guidelines and the climate emergency. Meaningful and empowering.


 The Whole School Implementation allows for primary teachers to offer 1 hour per week, one to one tutoring with each student, online, to support them with their learning. Teachers will love the opportunity to engage meaningfully and personally with their students. Students with additional needs may get more teacher time.


All teachers across a school could be booked for online tuition. Families book times that suit them. Alternatively schools offer an hour tuition on site for families without internet access. Teachers will naturally see patterns from their individual student conferences and offer focused teaching sessions to support students with focussed teaching sessions.


Teachers  invite students to attend the focused teaching sessions online or onsite. This model is suitable for distance education in an isolation setting. I believe it would offer teachers and students everything they need and set up the system for a revolutionised approach upon our return the the bricks and mortar. After COVID 19  passes schools ,will  again provide a safe child care and educational environment.

 With this curriculum model teachers are free to offer focussed lessons on topics, subjects and learning outcomes that emerge naturally. Teachers are  given the respect and freedom that they need in this curriculum, to  focus on individual student needs and maintain their own wellbeing.


Students would be given the respect, freedom and ultimate learning environment. Research proves that movement and nature engagement are crucial to improving student learning outcomes. Feeling safe is imperative to students learning full stop. 


There are many 21st Century schools already operating around the world. Now is the time for Australia to make the much needed shift.