Sarah Arrowsmith primary teacher and home learning advocate
Sarah Arrowsmith
Experienced Primary Teacher &
Home Education Advocate

Willingness, engagement, enthusiasm, curiosity and wonder. That’s what I strive to develop in learners.

 Thank you for your interest in Naturally Learning.

 Prior to becoming a Home Education advocate I was an exemplary primary school teacher.

 Although graduating in the top 10% of my year and with a newly awarded Bachelors Degree in Education, there were very few government funded jobs for teachers in the 1980's. So I went exploring, and what a great adventure and valuable learning journey it's been: Islamic College NWR, Yiyili Aboriginal Community School, Tooradin Primary School, Australian International School Indonesia, Casual Relief Teacher, BUPS, School of Creative Education, Home Educator. 

 My extensive professional experience includes; Head of Australian International School Indonesia, 20 years primary teaching around Australia and Asia, curriculum coordinator, speech therapy, occupational therapy, educational kinesiology, THRASS, ASD, AELD, swimming teacher, gymnastics coach, Indonesian teacher and more. 

 Now, after 20 years in education, I have a wealth of knowledge, skills and a passion for teaching and learning. I want to share what I know in order to empower students and home educators. 


 I believe much of the struggle faced by students in school is a result of misinformation, particularly in regard to literacy. I aim to empower people with the facts about  English. Starting with the fact that letters do not have a sound until they are in a word, and the fact that we have 44 speech sounds in English, and yes, ALL words can be sounded out.

 The home learning journey has been a rewarding and highly successful one for our family. I would love to share this gift with your family. I have had the great fortune of preceding the home educator role with 20 years of valuable experience in education. For this reason I can't help but see the learning in the everyday activities. I am constantly making comparisons between educating at home and the experience in classrooms.

 What I have achieved is a perfect blend of inquiry and focused teaching. I use all the most effective assessment tools and high impact teaching strategies I learnt through 20 years of ongoing professional development and collaboration with experts in the areas of speech therapy, behavioural psychology, occupational therapy, EALD, LOTE and curriculum development. I then apply them in individual or small group settings, in a relaxed home based environment. Students are offered structure and support with lots of flexibility to move around and share their own great ideas about what they want to learn.

 Click More Info to see a comparison chart of my experience as an expert teacher in an exceptional international school against  what Busy Room has to offer..                       

                    Home Education, it doesn't get any better than this.

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