At Naturally Learning I recognise the importance of developing fine motor skills, the connections the brain makes when engaging in writing and the physiology involved. Luckily for me I had the opportunity to work collaboratively with occupational therapists in classrooms for over 10 years.


Thanks to that experience I see the fine motor opportunities in everyday activities. When a student arrives inspired by candles, plants, cars or Minecraft I can find a fine motor activity to match. 

I keep anecdotal evidence and guide the students learning through the disciplines of writing fluency by starting at the very beginning. Let's get those fingers and brains working, problem solving and creating with fingers is a great way to develop pre writing skills.


Tutoring for handwriting includes explicit teaching of;

  • 10 finger touch typing,

  • letter formation,

  • posture,  

  • pen grip and 

  • fine motor skills


Fine motor activities inspired by student interests and goals, sensory integration and nature engagement.

Naturally Learning