Life School Support for Teachers

Routines, resources and high impact teaching strategies to support self directed learning.

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Food for Thought.

The attached curriculum, assessment and pedagogy could be applied to any school and provide the equanimity that is required for universal education. This curriculum I originally designed to reflect high impact teaching strategies through a democratic and self directed learning model for an independent creative school. The basis of this curriculum has already been approved by VRQA and ISV. 


The COVID 19 Curriculum attached may be applied equally to an onsite school setting or to the current distance learning model. It focuses on meaningful activities while addressing individual needs and opportunities for focussed teaching and assessment. I believe that this curriculum could be adopted by schools across Australia and the world.  The units of inquiry allow for all areas of the curriculum to be covered while addressing the current quarantine conditions and the ongoing climate emergency.

  Curriculum Overview   Curriculum Implementation    Sample Inquiry Unit - The Garden


Since adopting home education and unschooling for my own children over the past 4 years,  I have seen over and over again that all Key Learning Areas (KLAs) are more than addressed through everyday activities. Curriculum Achievement Maps identify curriculum links and may be used for individual students or for programs.


Schools may adopt a school wide unit of inquiry that is relevant to the current situation.  Each primary teacher offers 1 hour per week, one to one tutoring with each student from their class, online or onsite, to support them with their learning.  I trust teachers will embrace the opportunity to engage meaningfully and personally with their students.  Students with additional needs may get more teacher time. All teachers across a school could be booked for online/ onsite  tuition, just as is done for parent/ teacher interviews, just more frequently and more meaningful. Families book times that suit them. Schools  could offer on site tuition for families without internet access or for whom home is not a safe environment.


Teachers will naturally see patterns from their individual student conferences and then offer focused teaching sessions to support students at their zone of proximal development, regardless of their ‘grade’. Individual Curriculum Achievement Maps would both record student progress and provide the data for explicit teaching. Teachers would invite students to attend the focused teaching sessions online or onsite. 


This Life School model will meet the needs of teachers, students and parents in the current  climate of distance education. 


I believe it would offer teachers and students everything they need and set up the system for a revolutionised approach upon our return to the bricks and mortar. Every student will have an individual education plan, the digital literacy skills, inquiry learning skills and a passion for learning. Every teacher would be granted the respect to do what they do best.

Life School Resources for Teachers