Making the connections between home education and curriculum documents.

Home Education Support

Experienced teacher and passionate home educator is here to support home educators match curriculum outcomes to natural learning.

 Offers include:

  • Learning Plans. 

  • Diagnostic assessments for accurate goal setting against the curriculum.

  • Strategies to support learners with additional needs. 

  • Schedules that reflect your families current interests and activities.

  • DIY learning activities.

  • Executive Functioning Support

After more than 20 years in classrooms around Australia and Asia I have developed a range of friendly and useful assessment strategies, lots of activities for engaging learners, high impact teaching strategies and a passion for student led inquiry.
The Home Education pathway is an opportunity to put all my professional development into practise in the real world.
For 20 years I was trying to make it real in the classroom. With my Home Education Plans it is real, and empowering, for students and parents as home educators.
The Home Education journey has been a rewarding experience for our family. Let me share the joy with your family.
Visit Naturally Learning for:
  • Tutoring
  • Nature Play
  • Friendly Diagnostic Assessment,
  • Learning Plans,
  • Curriculum Mapping against Key Learning Areas,
  • DIY learning activities,
  • Inquiry Learning Opportunities,
  • and more! 


Naturally Learning