Empowering learners and home educators

in a relaxed, professional, supportive environment.

 Home Educators and home educated students will feel empowered to know that their planning documents reflect best practice in teaching and learning. Better still, the learning plans are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the individual.


 Preferred activities and non preferred activities can be planned in a way that motivates the learner and releases the pressure for the home educator.   

 A visible learning plan encourages educators and learners to recognize the richness of home and community experiences and demonstrates how these everyday experiences can be used to measure the achievement of curriculum outcomes. 


 By adding an Individual Curriculum Achievement Map (ICAM), with the support of The Busy Room, future learning plans can be tailored to include specific curriculum outcomes relating to the Key Learning Areas within the student's zone of proximal development. An ICAM reflects the true scope of a student's abilities and will span as many levels as required.

Visit The Busy Room for;

  • term plans,

  • weekly plans,

  • year overview learning plans,

  • curriculum mapping,

  • individual learning plans for students with additional needs or for those who want focused teaching of Math and English,

  • tutoring

  • inquiry learning opportunities

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