Reading is a message getting problem solving activity. It requires multiple strategies. Understanding the orthography of English is essential. English is one of the most difficult codes to crack. 


At Naturally Learning beginning readers are explicitly taught how to integrate strategies to get the most out of their reading. Phonological, morphemic and grammatical skills are explicitly taught. Students feel empowered when they understand how English works.

Private and Group tutoring is guided by student led goals. Reading for meaning and enjoyment is essential for engagement. At Naturally Learning students receive focused teaching on the specific skills they need to engage with preferred texts. 

I use multi-sensory approaches, structured programs, explicit teaching, nature engagement and movement in my lessons to promote student engagement and success.


Focused teaching on a preferred text may include;

  • phonological awareness

  • phrasing and fluency,

  • identifying punctuation,

  • visual, syntactic or meaning strategies,

  • modelled reading, shared reading, guided reading

  • vocabulary building

  • and more. 

Parents are welcome to attend all reading sessions at Naturally Learning.                                                       

Naturally Learning