In the Busy Room at Naturally Learning I teach all 44 phonemes using multi-sensory approaches, structured programming and explicit teaching.


In English letters do not have sounds, words have sounds. Spelling is the process of recording speech sounds, in words, using symbols called letters. English words have many origins, therefore English spelling is not consistent as it is in phonetic languages, e.g. Indonesian.

At Naturally Learning we explore the 44 speech sounds and 128 most common spelling patterns. Students practise spelling relevant words by identifying spelling patterns (not rules) in words. Often student goal setting determines the phoneme, grapheme or morpheme for the lesson. Learning to spell words that students want to use in their everyday makes sense to me, and it works! 

The first lesson is a friendly diagnostic assessment. Tutoring sessions follow a structured program that meets the needs of the student. Sensory integration and nature engagement enhance the learning opportunities. Students are given ample opportunities to revise, practise and reflect on their learning.

Parents are welcome to attend all tutoring lessons or just stay for a cuppa and enjoy the view.

Naturally Learning