Handwriting is important.


Learning to form letters  correctly is vital to writing fluency and confidence.


At Naturally Learning we recognise the importance of developing fine motor skills, the connections the brain makes when engaging in writing and the physiology involved.


10 finger touch typing skills are also valued.


Letter formation, posture and pen grip are taught explicitly in handwriting lessons.


Group tutoring in writing allows for interactive and collaborative writing. Each student holds a pen and contributes to the joint construction of text. What we write about depends a lot on what inspiration has arisen on the day.

All lessons include a focused teaching point which may include;

  • grammar,

  • punctuation,

  • letter formation,

  • writing recipes,

  • instructions,

  • letters,

  • science reports,

  • recounts, poetry,

  • songs or

  •  stories.


Text types are explicitly taught when the learners are naturally engaged and have a purpose for using the text. e.g. Writing instructions for candle making, writing scripts for plays and labelling seedlings.

Naturally Learning